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Since established 2011, Nano See & Tech is trying the best in order to supply High Quality Ceramic Grinding Media in the world.
During 15 years, , Nano See & Tech applied so different kind of ceramic bead in field of paint / ink / pigment, agrochemical, WGCC(wet ground calcium carbonate) for paper coating and metal mining industry like gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, nickel etc.

As you know, customer’s is using so different grinding machine in order to get fine particle size and also using so different grinding media from Kaolin Bead to High Density Zirconia Bead.

In case of grinding machine, the Tip speed(m/sec) is more fast and so these grinding machine need higher compression strength, higher fracture toughness, higher wear resistance bead in order to get higher grinding efficiency.

In order to meet with customer’s need, , Nano See & Tech developed bigger size(2.0~10.0mm) of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Bead by granulation process and minimized size(0.1~0.3mm) of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia bead by dropping process.

From 2015, in order to development minimized size of zirconia bead like size , , Nano See & Tech estabilished R&D department in Korea in cooperated with Germany and China Partner’s.
In now, we can supply 0.1~10.0mm size high density zirconia bead by dropping and granulation process together.

Our brand name is “DiaBeads TM”, it’s mean the higher quality ceramic grinding media with strong intensity as Diamond.
We will take responsibility as the superior supplier in Niche market and we will develop new market as market leader in cooperated with manufacture of grinding machine.